The horses at Ferma Brânduşa are part of the team that makes sure of your wellbeing during your holiday. Along with our mares and stud you will have unforgettable experiences in a picturesque county, appropriate for amateurs and more experienced riders. We have instructors for you to assist along the horsride. For the experience to be complete you can feed the horses.
Horseback ridding
expeditii montane

  • Persoana contact: Matieş Ioan 0745 277 116
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  • At 7 km from Avrig Town, at the foothill of the Făgăraş Montains, on the Arig valley, Sibiu county.
  • 45,71° latitudine N 24, 38° longitudine E, 630m altitudine

  • GPS Coordonates:
  • 45°40.5141 / 24° 27.1144

Horseback riding 1h - 50 RON/people

Trail of 4h - 150 RON/people

Trails of a few days - 200 RON per day/people

The horseback riding trails from our complex, vary from one hour to a few days, depending on the wish, availability but also the experience of the adventure seekers.

Short trails
One hour trail

It touches the highest point, on a plateau in between a few close hills, with a panorama of the Avrig valley and the other villages nearby. The most indicated moment of the day for combining the beauty of the earthly landscape and the colors of the sun, cloud and mountains, is the twilight.

Two hour trail

It arrives at the foothills, on a road that fallows a good portion a rapid mountain river’s bed, and then it turns between some not very tall hills, between sheep, cows, horses and sometimes ox. It enters in the neighboring village Porumbacul, passes by the households of typical peasants, some chic bed and breakfasts and even a trout shop (where if we make a lunch break the trails takes more than 2 hours). Then it goes on the main driveway and cuts close on the same trickle of water, over the hills, back to the Pensiunea Brânduşa, on a different road then the one we came.

Medium trails

The medium trails take between 3-5 hours and there are different routes

The Hawks Trail

Climb on the mountain, through the forest, until almost on the top, where the hawks circle in search of prey, in a scenery wild and charming at the same time, where you can hear perfectly the pass and the hearth of the horses beating next to his.
From above, where is the picnic stop, you can admire the ridges of mountain Suru, Peak Negoiu, Transfăgărăşan, until down on Avrig valley, you can even see Pensiunea Brânduşa from where we left.

The Forests Trail

It follows the road through the forest, where at night just bears, boars and wolfs walk until the river where down the road the trout shop was built, near the neighboring village Porumbacul. Where from place to place you can find small dams of water near which in the summer you can sunbathe, fish and spend a few hour with good friends at a barbeque and cold bear held in the river.
The coming back route is also on the hills, preferable at twilight, so that you can capture the exact beauty of the place, but on a different road then the one you came.

Long trails:
Trails varying from 1 to 10 days

The long trails are made in general after a telephonic discussion with the group of interested tourists.
They are organized for groups of at least 6 persons horseback riding (plus another 5 in the carriage) to witch we add 2 guides from the villa, and the trial is previously discussed depending on the experience of the tourists and what they desire to see on the road, as well as they being willing to stick to a trail previously established or to improvise on the road.